Gospel Communities for Summer 2019

Gospel Centered Community Groups are the heartbeat of Aletheia Church. They are where the life and growth of our church family takes place. These communities meet together once a week to dive into God’s word together, share a meal together, and pray for each other. Our hope is that this one communal meeting will be a launching pad to encourage living life as an Everyday Christian in community with other men and women following Christ.

This summer, we will have a three communities discussing and applying what it means to be an Everyday Christian in an Everyday Church.

Look over the options below and join us in one of our Gospel Communities!

Sunday Night

Meets at 5:00pm at Brent’s House (3525 NW 8th Ave)

Contact Brent at brentsmith@aletheiagainesville.com for more information.

Coed Group

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Monday Night

Meets at 6:30pm at The Anderson’s House (email milamjg@gmail.com for address)

Contact Jackie at milamjg@gmail.com for more information

Coed and Childcare Provided

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Wednesday Night

6:30pm at the Criner’s house (email caitlyncriner@gmail.com for address)

Contact Caitlyn at caitlyncriner@gmail.com for more information. 


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